Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rex & Trixie's Internet Safety Tips

Rex and Trixie love computer games and surfing the web, but they always keep these tips in mind when using the Internet.

-Never give any personal information, because this can give sneaky people the info they're looking for to locate you.
-Never arrange to meet with an Internet friend, because not everyone is as "friendly" as they claim to be.
-Careful with what you post on the Internet. It never goes away. Never.
-Don't say stuff that will hurt people's feelings or make them feel bad. Once it's on the Internet, anyone can see it. Later on, you could get in trouble for what you did.
-Careful with the websites you visit. Some can contain scary things you never wanted to see. Others can cause computer viruses.

Remember these tips from Rex and Trixie when surfing the web. Don't do things on the Internet that you wouldn't do in real life.
Also visit these fun, safe sites that Rex and Trixie love to play games on, or do some research.

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