Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Art of Cars 2 Now Available for Pre-Order

Today sees the announcement of The Art of Cars 2 book now available for pre-order on sites like Amazon and Chronicle Books. A few months ago I remember getting my copy of The Art of Toy Story 3 in the mail, so now I'll probably be patiently awaiting a copy of this new book, featuring beautiful art from the upcoming film.

The Art of Cars 2 will be written by Karen Paik and Ben Queen, and a foreword or preface by director John Lasseter is expected. Chronicle says after May 18, 2010 for a release date, but Amazon says around June 1. As all of Pixar's 'Art of' books, The Art of Cars 2 will tell about the making of the animated film, and a lot of the marvelous artwork by the brilliant minds at Pixar will be contained in the books as well.

I love reading these books about how Pixar's masterpieces are created. They are very well written, and are very interesting to read. So if you like Pixar and love to read like me, I recommend you consider getting this book, as I think you will enjoy it as much as me.

So will you be getting this book? Does it interest you?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interview With Pixar's Bob Whitehill

An interesting video interview with Pixarian Bob Whitehill can now be found on Collider. Some cool subjects pop up in the conversation, such as Cars 2 and Brave. Mr. Whitehill mentions an animation test for Brave they have been working on that features the main character of the film, Merida, riding her horse through the woods, and also states that Cars 2 has been a challenge for him. But it's nothing to worry about, since all Pixar movies have their bumps on the road, but they always turn out to be a huge success. Sounds exciting. I can't wait for Cars 2. I can't wait for Brave. But we still haven't heard any plot details about Monsters, Inc. 2. That's what I'm anxious to hear about.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The New Face of Pixar Corner

As you can see, the blog has changed a bit, but in my opinion, it's improved! You can see the sidebar is now on the right side instead of the left side, the colors have changed a bit, and a the title header looks different. Also, videos on the blog can now be seen without having part of the screen cut off, which really bothered me before. This means I'll be posting videos more often now! So I hope you like the new look on the blog and see it as an improvement, and "Hooray!" for an all new face of Pixar Corner, and many more years of great posting!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toy Story 3 "For Your Consideration" Posters

It's already been 22 days since TS3 came out on home video, and three "For Your Consideration" posters have already been released. The first one features Buzz in a heroic pose, another features Mr. Pricklepants performing on a stage, and the last one features Woody, Buzz, and Jessie running away from a stampede of monkeys. So let's hope the third installment of the Toy Story saga does well at the Academy Awards (and of course all the other award ceremonies)! Looks like Disney and Pixar are going for the "Best Animated Feature" and "Best Picture" awards. I wish them luck!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Image of Siddeley

I was looking on Yahoo! Movies at the Cars 2 images, and I happened to come across a brand new picture of Siddeley (voiced by Jason Isaacs), one of the new characters in the upcoming sequel. Now that we get to look at him up close, he looks like an extremely cool jet plane!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cars 2: New Characters' Names & Voice Actors Revealed!

On Tuesday, the new Cars 2 trailer was released, and we saw some new characters in it, like Finn McMissile. When I was watching the trailer, I kept asking myself, "What could the other new characters' names be?" Well, my question was answered by Empire Online, who got word on the new characters' names AND who's voicing them. Now with one look at the names, you might have no idea which one is which, but I'm pretty sure I got them all figured out, since they all show up in the trailer. OK, here's the list:

Michael Caine as Finn McMissile (silver colored professional spy with "British intelligence")

Emily Mortimer as Holley Shiftwell (sleek, purple colored female car, "spy in training")

Thomas Kretschmann as Professor Zundapp (the evil looking car from the trailer)

Jason Isaacs as Siddeley (cool spy jet plane, most likely a villain)

Joe Mantegna as Grem (orange evil minion)

Peter Jacobson as Acer (lime-colored evil minion)

Well, that's all for today, but stay tuned for more Cars 2 news! In theaters June 24, 2011.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Full-Length Cars 2 Trailer Now Online!

When I checked the Cars 2 website this morning, it had the same old teaser trailer and concept art it has had for the past few weeks. Well, when I checked it this afternoon when I got home from school and finished all my homework, it had an all new full-length trailer, AND a bunch of new stills from the movie, including the one from last post.

Well, I have to say, now I am REALLY excited for Cars 2. Well, I pretty much always am excited for all Pixar movies, but this new trailer is really cool! I love how Lightning McQueen got slightly modified since the last movie, with a new paint job and that cool new spoiler (which looks SO cool on him), and it looks as if he's finally installed headlights! Also, it looks as if this new film is going to be packed with quite a lot of action!

The new trailer also revealed some new characters, like the possible villain of the film, his possible evil minions, a sleek, purple colored female car, and Finn McMissile. According to a trustworhty Pixarian, Finn McMissile is being voiced by British actor Michael Caine, and it is thought that Emily Mortimer is voicing the sleek, purple female vehicle.

Well, this trailer, and of course all the amazing new stills is all we have to marvel at of Cars 2 so far, but don't worry, the wait will be over in exactly 7 months and 8 days.

So, what did you think? Are you excited for Cars 2?

Cars 2 Getting Geared Up For The Road!

Wow! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been VERY busy. But a lot of exciting new things have happened. A new Cars 2 poster has been released, and you can check it out here. Also, a new official synopsis has been released for the film:

Star racecar Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) and the incomparable tow truck Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy) take their friendship to exciting new places in “Cars 2” when they head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix to determine the world’s fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours and hilarious surprises when Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage. Torn between assisting Lightning McQueen in the high-profile race and towing the line in a top-secret spy mission, Mater’s action-packed journey leads him on an explosive chase through the streets of Japan and Europe, trailed by his friends and watched by the whole world. Adding to the fast-paced fun is a colorful new all-car cast that includes secret agents, menacing villains and international racing competitors.

Lastly, the picture seen above is an all new still of the movie! It includes characters Lightning McQueen and Mater, in a spectacular looking car chase, and if you look at the grey car next to Mater, I think that might be Finn McMissile! Wow! I really love that still.

Also, be sure to check out the online premiere of the all new full-length Cars 2 trailer later on today!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toy Story 3 Now Available on DVD & Blu-Ray!

Woo Hoo!!! The day has finally come! Two days ago, the incredible Toy Story 3 finally was released on Blu-Ray and DVD! There's really not much too say here, since all that was covered in previous posts anticipating the release of TS3 on home video. I, of course, got the TS3 Blu-Ray Combo Pack on Tuesday, and it was truly awesome. The bonus features are fantastic as well, and I haven't even finished watching them all! I am so happy now that I have the whole Toy Story trilogy on Blu-Ray (I bought TS1 and TS2 in March). Now that TS3 is finally home, everyone can enjoy Pixar's latest masterpiece on Blu-Ray and DVD! If you haven't got it yet, don't forget to look for it at any local store! Next post I'll have pictures of my TS3 Blu-Ray to share on the blog!

Also: The poster seen here is the very first "For Your Consideration" poster for TS3! Now that it's been released on home video, it's time for the awards season!