Friday, August 27, 2010

Toy Story 3 Reaches $1 BILLION Worldwide!!! (Finally)

YAHOOOOO!!!! Way to go Toy Story 3!!! Only two weeks after becoming the highest grossing animated film ever, TS3 finally reached the $1 billion dollar mark.

I've been waiting for this movie to reach $1,000,000,000 since it first came out. After its spectacular success on its first weekend, I was sure this would be another box office hit. And sure enough, it was!

TS3 is already the 7th highest grossing film of all time, and I think it will at least pass Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland's $1,024,298,794, and land in 5th place on the list. Speaking of Disney blockbusters, this is the second movie this year released by Walt Disney Studios to reach the one billion mark. Surely, TS3 can break some more records? Pixar just has this awesome habit of creating the best movies! Keep it up Pixar!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More On "Cars Land"

A few days ago I posted some cool new info on the all-new Cars-themed attraction coming to Disney's California Adventure in 2012, Cars Land. Well, yesterday I was searching the web for something new on Cars Land and I found some cool pictures of the upcoming attraction here. I have also posted them below with my own little captions. Enjoy!

A summary (in pictures) of what you can expect to find at Cars Land when it opens in 2012.

A crowded Radiator Springs filled with guests looking for more Cars action!

The "E"-ticket ride at Cars Land, Radiator Springs Racers.

The Tractor which guests will be riding on the exciting new ride, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree at Cars Land.

Look forward to more awesome news and info on Cars Land right here, on Pixar Corner!

Are you as excited as I am for Cars Land to open?

Disney & Pixar Withdraw From Annie Awards/ASIFA

Just a quick update, Disney and Pixar have withdrawn from the Annie Awards and their parent organization, the ASIFA.

Ed Catmull, President of Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, tells Variety :

"After more than a year of discussions with the ASIFA board, we have regretfully decided to withdraw from the organization and no longer participate in the annual Annie Awards,"

"We believe there is an issue with the way the Annies are judged, and have been seeking a mutually agreeable solution with the board. Although some initial steps have been taken, the board informed us that no further changes would be made to address our concerns."

I'm not too disappointed with Disney and Pixar withdrawing from the Annies, considering all the other awards Pixar can be nominated for besides the Annies.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The New "Day & Night" Picture Book

Recently, a picture book based on Teddy Newton's spectacular short film, Day & Night, was released by Chronicle Books. This hardcover book contains the story of the short film in 40 pages filled with fun little illustrations in every page, along with a sentence or two for each page. This book tells the story of Day & Night in a very special and unique way. This book is aimed at children but that doesn't have to stop you from enjoying Day & Night in this fun way! I suggest you do buy it whenever you see it at your local book store! Also, check out this video here about the all-new picture book. Teddy Newton has done an incredible job both creating this book, and the fantastic short film of the same name.

A Sneak Peek at "Cars Land"

As you may have heard before, there is an upcoming attraction at Disney's California Adventure Park in the Disneyland Resort named "Cars Land", which is set to open in 2012. Based on the 2006 movie Cars, it will be full of Cars themed attractions including rides, shops, and restaurants. Cars Land will be pretty much a replica of the film's Radiator Springs, where guests can immerse themselves in the world of Cars by enjoying themselves at the Cozy Cone Motel, or at Flo's V8 Cafe.

Chances are, you might catch a glimpse of Mater and Lightning McQueen while strolling down Radiator Springs and may even get a picture with them! The E ticket ride, "Radiator Springs Racers" will be similar to Test Track at Epcot in the Walt Disney World Resort, but this fun-filled ride will have a Cars theme, like all the other attractions at Cars Land. This thrill ride will probably be the most popular attraction there!

Cars Land is coming alive 2012! This is one attraction you definitely will not want to miss

Friday, August 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 Highest Grossing Animated Film Ever!

Last week, the critically acclaimed Toy Story 3 set an all new record for highest grossing animated film ever. Looks like Dreamworks' Shrek 2, which held the record for six years, has finally been out grossed. TS3 grossed about $940 million globally at the box office last week when it broke the record, has grossed $941,580,518 so far, and may very well be on its way to one billion! It is the 9th highest grossing film of ALL TIME and has already passed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Last week it was in 14th place. Can it make it to at least fifth place? Also, it has made it to 10th place on the domestic grosses list, beating Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. Toy Story 3 has broken many other records, which it has been doing ever since it hit theaters in June. This movie is going to do very good at the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and the Oscars. It has already won a Teen Choice Award for Best Animated Movie. We'll see what other awards TS3 wins along the way. Only time will tell if it will be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Good luck Toy Story 3!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rumors Confirmed! Toy Story 3 & Cars Toons Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray Nov. 2!

The rumors have finally been popped, so it's now official. The highly acclaimed blockbuster phenomenon Toy Story 3 is coming to home video in high definition on November 2, along with all the beloved Cars Toons! This to me, is very exciting news! I always get really excited when my favorite movies come out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Toy Story 3:
Toy Story 3 will be released in a single disc DVD version, a two disc Blu-Ray version, and a 4 disc Combo Pack (2 Disc Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy).
Bonus Features will include:

DVD & Blu-Ray:
- Cars 2 Teaser Trailer
- Day and Night Theatrical Short
- The Gang's All Here, Toys! Epilogue
- Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure (with NASA)
- Paths to Pixar: Editorial
- Studio Stories: "Where's Gordon?"/"Cereal Bar"/"Clean Start"
- A Toy's Eye View: Creating a Whole New Land
- Alex Syntek Mexican Music Video

Blu-Ray Exclusive Bonus Features:
- Cine-Explore By Director (Lee Unkrich) and Producer (Darla K. Anderson)
- Beyond The Toy Box: Commentary Track
- Beginnings With Michael Arndt
- Bonnie's Playtime: A Story Roundtable
- Roundin' Up A Western Opening
- Goodbye Andy
- The Accidental Toymakers Of Pixar
- Life Of A Short
- Making Of Day and Night
- Ken's Dating Tips & Lotso Commercials
- Dancing With The Stars At Pixar
- Toy Story Trivia Dash (Game)

Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales:
The Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales collection will be released in a single disc DVD version, and a 2 disc version containing a Blu-Ray disc and a DVD. It will contain all the 9 Cars Toons including two new ones: Moon Mater and Mater Private Eye. DVDDizzy claims Bonus Features will include a featurette called "Unmade Tall Tales" and a sneak peek at Cars Land, the upcoming attraction at Disney's California Adventure.

Well, so there you have it. Two great DVD/Blu-Ray releases coming November 2 to look forward to! Toy Story 3 and Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales are available for pre-order on Amazon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The #1 Pixar Film in the World is Toy Story 3!

Well, Toy Story 3 has finally done it. It is now the highest grossing Pixar film worldwide EVER! It was no doubt it was going to be a worldwide phenomenon, and now it has finally grossed over $895 million worldwide, now making the epic Finding Nemo ($867.8 million worldwide) Pixar's second highest grossing film worldwide. Now may be your last chance to watch Pixar's latest hit in theaters before it leaves. So if you haven't watched TS3 yet, or want to watch it again, get over to that theater, or you might have to wait until November 2!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Watch "Monster Truck Mater" on Cars Website!

Are you a fan of the Cars Toons? If you are, then you should get over to the official Cars website and watch the all new Cars "Toon", Monster Truck Mater!

Mater is an amateur monster truck wrestler named the Tormentor, but as he goes defeating different opponents along the way, he grows from amateur to World Champion! Mater is then faced with his toughest opponent yet, so he must team up with his partner, Frightening McMean, to defeat him!

I watched Monster Truck Mater twice already, and I have to say, it is probably the funniest one of the Cars Toons yet! I hope you enjoy it too!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toy Story 3 Coming to DVD & Blu-Ray November 2nd?

Rumors had been heard earlier last month about TS3 (along with possibly Finding Nemo Blu-Ray) coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on November 9 this year. Well, that rumor may be almost true. A reader from The Digital Bits submitted a photo suggesting that Toy Story 3 is indeed probably coming to home video November 2 (not November 9 as previously assumed). So you can probably look forward to bringing the masterpiece, Toy Story 3, home very soon!

Monsters Inc 2 Release Date Moved

Yesterday afternoon, it was revealed by Box Office Mojo that the Walt Disney Studios have changed the theatrical release date of Pixar's Monsters Inc 2 to November 2, 2012, rather than the original date, November 16, 2012. This is because Part 2 of the last installment of the "Twilight" saga is also scheduled for November 16, so they were afraid of some heavy competition at the box office. However, I do have a feeling that Monsters Inc 2 will do a pretty good job at the box office, even if it was still being released on November 16. You may also remember that the first Monsters Inc was also released on November 2, but in 2001. The plot has still not been confirmed, and neither has the director. Look forward to hearing on further news about Monsters Inc 2!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toy Story 3 Danglers

If you're a Pixar fan and you like to collect little Pixar items (like me), than you are definitely going to want the new 'Toy Story 3' danglers! You may have seen them at the mall lately in one of those machines that give you a little egg if you put a coin in it. They make great decorations for your cell phone, your DS, or even your Christmas tree! If you see them at your local mall, you shouldn't pass up the chance to collect all eight! (I already have the Green Alien and Hamm!)