Tuesday, July 3, 2012

'Brave' Easter Eggs: Where Were They Hidden?

Over the years, fans of Pixar have grown quite fond of the little "Easter eggs" that the studio hides in their films, which can make watching one of their films all the more exciting.

Some of these hidden surprises occur in maybe just one film, but others have grown to become traditional, legendary Pixar Easter eggs. These include some sort of reference to an upcoming film from the studio, and the famed Pizza Planet truck, which made its first appearance in 1995 with Toy Story and has appeared in every Pixar film since (excluding The Incredibles).

Pixar has not forgotten their little traditions in this year's Brave, although that's what you might think during your first time watching the film. After all, how are you supposed to put a pizza delivery truck into a story set in medieval Scotland? The Easter eggs in Brave are hidden very well, so Pixar has released official images and descriptions revealing to us where both the Pizza Planet truck and Sulley from next year's Monsters University appear in the movie.

The Witch, an eccentric crone disguised as a woodcarver specializing in whittling wooden bear figurines and conjuring haphazard spells, showcases her mysterious and inexplicable knowledge of the future with a carved figurine of the infamous Pizza Planet truck, an iconic delivery vehicle that’s appeared in nearly every full-length feature film from Pixar Animation Studios since 1995’s Toy Story. Disney•Pixar’s Brave is in theaters now.

A carving of Sulley, the lovable blue monster slated to return to the big screen in 2013’s Monsters University, appears on a piece of wood in the home of the Witch, an eccentric crone and woodcarver in Disney•Pixar’s epic action adventure Brave, in theaters now.

Still no word on where A113 shows up in the film, but we know it is there, as director Mark Andrews confirmed so a few months ago. If you found it, let us know in the comments!

Which of the Easter eggs did you catch when you saw Brave?

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Hannah said...

Amazing! Thank you for posting this. They hid them VERY well. :) Excited to see where they put A113!