Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brave Hits Store Shelves!

And once again, we have come full circle. Yet another Pixar film has made it onto Blu-ray and DVD so we can all now enjoy it from the warmth of our homes and put in up on that shelf next to Pixar classics from years past. Brave, the thirteenth feature film to come out of the animation power house, has finally arrived on home video.

If you haven't yet made the jump from DVD to Blu-ray and don't plan on doing so anytime soon, you can purchase the standard DVD of the film, but keep in mind that you won't get a whole lot of special features with this version (just the new Legend of Mor'du short, La Luna, and the audio commentary).

For those who do own a Blu-ray player, you can get either the 3-disc Collector's Edition Blu-ray combo pack, which includes the the Blu-ray disc of the film, an entire Blu-ray disc dedicated entirely to bonus material, and the regular DVD. If you want to own the film in 3D, then you can get the 5-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition, which includes everything that the 3-disc version has, plus the 3D Blu-ray disc and the digital copy.

Retail stores often offer an extra bonus item the first few days that a film is on sale. Best Buy has a neat steelbook case and a nice little lunchbox, and Walmart is offering a cute Angus plush toy. Target's Digibook version includes a 32-page storybook of the film.

In the US, the DVD is selling for $19.99, the 3-disc Collector's Edition goes for $22.99, and the 5-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition is $27.99 (at most stores).

Also available today is Volume 2 of the Pixar Short Films Collection; a must have for all fanatics of the studio.

Will you be getting either one of these releases?

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