Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Angus MacLane: A Creative Mastermind

The folks over at Pixar Post spotted a nifty little "Blocumentary" posted on the official LEGO YouTube channel. The video focuses on none other than Pixarian Angus MacLane, director of BURN-E and the Small Fry. MacLane gives us a closeup look at his admirable collection of LEGO, and he shares with us plenty of his CubeDude creations, inspired by all sorts of famous characters. Naturally, he's got plenty built to resemble some of the most iconic Pixar personas, as well as characters from the Star Wars universe and your favorite Marvel heroes.

Watch the video below:

Angus' library of CubeDudes now consists of a walloping 355 different figures, and the best part is, you can view them all on his Flickr page.

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