Monday, September 30, 2013

Terrifying Tidbits

Don't worry, that headline was a pun. This is actually some pretty good news!

With Halloween just around the corner, Pixar is getting audiences pumped for their first ever television special, Toy Story of Terror (stylized as Toy Story of TERROR!), which airs October 16 on ABC. The special is directed by Angus MacLane (who previously directed the Toy Story Toon, Small Fry) and features the voices of all the original voice actors from the trilogy returning as Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. Here are some tidbits regarding the special that have been dropped over course of this month.

Entertainment Weekly debuted this poster for the upcoming special. It's not much, merely a previously seen shot of Jessie, Buzz, and Woody pasted on top of a spooky background.

These nifty banners were recently spotted near Disneyland promoting the new short (via The Rotoscopers):

We also got this funny little Sky Broadband commercial starring Bonnie's toys. Check it out:

Be sure to also watch this exciting, fast-paced trailer for the special:

Finally, here is a colorful gallery of stills from the special, which give us a first look at some of the new toys which we'll be introduced to this coming month, including newcomer Combat Carl, voiced by Carl Weathers. You might remember how the notorious Sid blew up a Combat Carl action figure back in the original Toy Story. The one seen in Toy Story of Terror seems to be a different figure than the one that was obliterated but from the same toy line.

Prepare yourself and ready your DVRs, because this October, the toys are back in town!

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