Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'The Good Dinosaur' Teaser Trailer and Poster Are Here

After much anticipation, Pixar has finally released a first look at their upcoming feature film, The Good Dinosaur, which hits theaters this November. I'll let you experience it for yourself...

Accompanied by the simplistic yet stunning teaser poster pictured at the top, the teaser trailer dropped this morning and serves as our first real look at anything from this film, aside from a few pieces of concept art.

Of course, being a teaser, the trailer does not give a whole lot away, opting instead to simply present the basic idea behind the film to the audience through a brief sequence of an asteroid narrowly missing the Earth. Despite being secretive, the teaser does give us an idea of what the movie's tone and visual style will be, the latter of which I find particularly appealing. As John Lasseter mentioned recently, the environment in which the film is set is much more realistic in comparison to those of previous Pixar works like Monsters, Inc., but the dinosaurs inhabiting the world are quite cartoony, simplistic, and very stylized. It's an intriguing contrast, and I love it.

I have seen a couple people remark that the dinosaurs look too cartoony, but this is Pixar we're talking about, the kings of computer animation. Look at their past films; each one has been, visually, an improvement over its predecessor. To think that they would release a film that was anything less than excellent in terms of visuals (and one that has been in development for over six years, no less) is preposterous.

We also get quick glimpses at the different terrains the movie will delve into, as well as some of the species of dinosaurs we'll encounter along the way. The final shot shows protagonist Arlo trotting heroically along a rocky landscape, with human Spot perched atop his head. With that shot alone, I am hooked.

All in all, I am thrilled to have finally gotten a glimpse at this film, especially after the rough production it has undergone. Fortunately, however, it seems as if director Pete Sohn and his crew have resolved whatever was originally wrong and are working hard to deliver a brilliant, memorable work of art. From the moment I first heard Pixar was working on a movie revolving around dinosaurs, I was thrilled, and when they revealed the film's premise about a world where dinosaurs never went extinct, I was over the moon. It's a concept with immeasurable potential, and one that Pixar is more than capable of tackling.

What are your thoughts on our first look at The Good Dinosaur?

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