Wednesday, August 19, 2015

'Riley's First Date?' Premieres at D23 Expo

A long-running Pixar tradition is that of including an original short based on the latest theatrical Pixar feature on the home release for said feature. The Incredibles had Jack-Jack Attack, Cars had Mater and the Ghostlight, WALL-E had BURN-E, and so forth.

Inside Out is the latest film to receive a home media short film, and Pixar took advantage of this weekend's D23 Expo to screen the new short, Riley's First Date?, for attendees.

Photo credit: Inside the Magic

The short is reportedly very funny and was received warmly by the crowd. Director Josh Cooley, who is also co-directing Toy Story 4, took the stage alongside Inside Out director Peter Docter and producer Jonas Rivera to introduce the short, which they say was inspired by every father's fear of having their daughter show up one day with a boy. The short sees Riley's parents having to deal with this very issue, and hilarity ensues.

Fortunately the rest of the world will not have to wait long to see Riley's First Date? as it will, of course, be included on Inside Out's DVD and Blu-ray releases, which hit stores November 3, less than three months from now.

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