Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cars 2 Character Profiles: Carla Veloso

Lightning McQueen is joined at the World Grand Prix by many different cars from all over the world. Meet Carla Veloso, a Brazilian racecar who will be competing against Lightning and many other cars in the test to see who is the world's fastest racecar.

Read this official description:

Carla Veloso
World Grand Prix contender Carla Veloso hails from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The sweet but powerful Latin diva can dance the night away at “Car-nival,” but spends most of her time on the racetrack. After setting a new track record at the local Interlagos circuit, she was drafted to join the 24-hour endurance racing team in Europe, where she posted a consistent series of podium finishes. In the World Grand Prix, the proud Brazilian Le Motor Prototype racer is the only female in the field, and Carla is ready to prove to the world that #8 is there to win for her home country.

Fun Fact: Carla's turntable video (seen below) was animated by Pixar's Chris Chua.

Also, check out her turntable video:

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