Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cars 2 Races Into The Toy Fair!

Every year, the spectacular Toy Fair is held in New York City. Of course, Pixar was there to celebrate all the new toys coming this year, including an all new line of Cars 2 toys!

Present at the Fair were Emily Mortimer (voice of Holley Shiftwell) and Sir Michael Caine (voice of Finn McMissile). Director John Lasseter was unable to make it to the event this year, however, he sent a taped message, which was screened there so that everyone could hear what he had to say.

Mr. Lasseter claims that Cars 2 is "not a parody of a spy movie. It is a spy movie."

Both Mrs. Mortimer and Sir Caine came up onto the stage for a talk. Emily Mortimer talked about her experience of working with Pixar, and Michael Caine told the audience how he just loved the name Finn McMissile the moment he heard it.

What's a toy fair without the revealing of new toys? Check out these three collectible cars of McQueen, McMissile, and Shiftwell that will join the popular die-cast collection of Cars toys. I am personally a big fan of these Cars collectibles, and I collect some of these myself, so I am eager to get my hands one these! I hope they also make a John Lassetire one!

Not only were these miniature versions of the characters revealed, but also, a life-size replica of the British spy Finn McMissile was shown off at the Toy Fair! It is said to tour the US this year, along with the replicas of Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater.

Photo credit: Stitch Kingdom

Also, check out what The Pixar Blog and The Pixar Times have to say on the topic. The Pixar Blog has a video of footage which you can also see below, and The Pixar Times has got a bunch of high-resolution images from the event!

All the awesome Cars 2 merchandise and toys hits store shelves this spring!

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