Friday, August 26, 2011

First Look at "Monsters U"

I don't know about you, but ever since Monsters University was announced, I've been dying to see something, anything, having to do with the upcoming prequel. Luckily, we recently got our first look at some concept art and character designs for Monsters U and I am as happy as ever.

The concepts were revealed at D23, and luckily The Pixar Times and /Film were there to get us the scoop on some of the masterpieces.

Mike and Sulley look fantastic; when you look at these characters now it really shows just how much the technology has improved since 2001. At first glance, the two characters look pretty much the same as they did a decade ago, but if you look closer, you start to see some slight changes on Sulley and Mike. After all, the two monster buddies rivals are quite a bit younger than they were in the original film. For starters, you can see Mike's retainer in his mouth now, his eyeball seems slightly bigger, his horns are a tad less pointy, and he's also a bit shorter. As for Sulley, he seems slimmer, shabbier, and his eyes are rounder.

Check out The Pixar Times' gallery here, and /Film's gallery here. They've both got some really cool coverage of all the concept art that was presented at D23. Here is one of my favorite pieces:

It could be a while until we get some more info on Monsters University, but not to worry, the wait to June 21, 2013 will be over before you know it!

Photo credit: The Pixar Times, /Film

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