Monday, August 15, 2011

"Mike Wazowski" Talks Monsters Prequel

Ever since the upcoming "Monsters" prequel, Monsters University, was announced, we hadn't gotten much news about the anticipated film. Luckily for all us fans who have been starving for more news on the monstrous prequel (pun intended), Billy Crystal, the man who breathes life into everyone's favorite green one-eyed ball on legs, Mike Wazowski, was recently interviewed on Hero Complex, and he told us what he had to say about the film. He did not reveal any plot details however, all except one tiny one...

Although in the film Mike and Sulley despise one another, Billy Crystal says that it's quite the contrary with him and John Goodman (voice of James P. "Sulley" Sullivan) while doing the voicework for Monsters University.

“We’re having a blast together,” Crystal said Friday after a marathon recording session for “Monsters University,” which is planned for summer of 2013. “It’s really a great script, it’s really funny.”

“John Goodman is a genius and he’s great and we’re really funny together,”

It's good to know that the two actors are working well behind the scenes. You might also remember that when the original Monsters, Inc. came out, Mr. Crystal and Goodman did a duet for the film together, called "If I Didn't Have You", a song about the importance of friendship.

As I stated, Crystal only gave us one little piece of information about the film:

“It’s college pranks with monsters. And I wear a retainer. Mike has a retainer.”

Mike with a retainer. Now that is going to be pretty funny. I can imagine him yelling furiously at Sulley for whatever reason and then his retainer accidentally falling out of his mouth, much to his humiliation.

Many people are hoping for Monsters University to live up to the hilarity of the first film, and by the sound of things, it's shaping up to be quite a funny movie.

“I spent five-and-a-half hours today for our fourth session on ‘Monsters Inc. 2.’ And I have to tell you something, it is hilarious. The Pixar people are geniuses.”

Read the full interview here, and don't miss Monsters University, in theaters June 21, 2013!

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