Friday, December 9, 2011

Meet the Characters of Small Fry!

On the Toy Story Facebook page, Pixar has been uploading pictures and bios on some of the fantastic new fast food meal characters from "Poultry Palace", featured in the new Toy Story Toon, Small Fry. Here are the some of the new buddies Pixar has introduced to us in this new short...

Neptuna, Queen of New Nautica
For centuries, Queen Neptuna ruled the peaceful ocean kingdom of New Nautica. When her undersea home was defiled by corporate industrial waste and discount chain stores, Neptuna formed The Mermaid Battle Squadron to protect the ocean from future pollution and exploitation.

T-Bone, Leader of the Steak Force
Fearing the healthy, life-extending agenda of the evil Vegitenarians, the government established the Steak Force, a commando squad of heroic robots dedicated to mandating a meat option for every meal. Sponsored in part by The American Meat Council.

Funky Monk
Spiritual mentor to Rappin’ Robin and Lil’ Juan, Funky Monk always keeps it real and on the down low. Be it a rap battle between his boys and Producer P John or hooking up a guest-spot on the next MC Maid Marion single, Funky Monk has got your back. See Funky Monk in the CGI animated film “Rappin’ Robin in the Hood 3D,” only in theaters.

When comic book artist Wiley Wilkins is given the opportunity to act out the pages of his greatest cartoon creation, “Condorman,” he jumps at the chance! Will Condorman defeat the evil Krokov and win the heart of the beautiful Natalia Rambova? Find out when Condorman swoops into theaters, Summer 1981.

Bozu, The Ninja Clown
Circus clown by day, 15th century ninja from feudal Japan by night, Bozu is a master of silent entertainment. Armed with his balloon katana and a cream pie, this Ninja Clown is sure to have even the grumpiest Circus audience members in stitches!

And all these are just a few of all the Fun Meal toys from the new short. Hopefully Pixar will release some more bios and pics later on, because I'd love to get to know the rest of these toys.

Small Fry is playing in theaters right now with The Muppets!

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