Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some Brave News!

After a period with not much Pixar news, we finally have something to talk about...this spectacular new still from Pixar's Brave!

The image (see above) depicts Merida taking aim at her target, being carefully watched by her father Fergus, her mother Elinor (who does not look happy) and a few other spectators. It sure looks as if Merida's archery skills are causing quite the commotion in her hometown. You can see part of this scene from the film in the newest trailer.

I hope to see a higher-res version of the still released soon.

On other Brave related news, Stitch Kingdom tells us that the MLB team the Atlanta Braves are taking legal action against the animated feature's title. Apparently, they don't want people associating Pixar's new movie with their team, and are afraid that people will get confused between the film Brave and the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Of course, this does sound quite foolish when you really think of it; I can't picture Merida showing up at an MLB game, since I'm pretty sure that there was no professional baseball in medieval Scotland. And let's not forget that the Braves don't actually own the word "brave".

Hopefully this mess gets cleaned up soon.

Pixar's Brave takes aim at theaters on June 22, 2012!

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