Monday, May 7, 2012

Merida Is a Swordfighter in New 'Brave' Stills

Pixar released even more stills from Brave recently, and they are honestly two of my personal favorites. We had already learned that Merida was an amazing archer, but now in these new pics she proves her skills when wielding a sword.

In the first one (see above), Merida and her father Fergus have a friendly duel outside the DunBroch castle, and meanwhile Queen Elinor, a strict woman, frowns down upon them.

This second still seems to be taken from later on in the film, and again shows Merida with a sword, as a group of people, including Lord Dingwall, tie up a helpless bear. This will surely turn out to be a very suspenseful scene in the film.

The wait will soon be coming to a close, as June 22 comes closer and closer each day. Brave is almost here, everybody.


Hannah said...

Do you think that the bear being tied up in the second picture is Queen Elinor? That would sure be a key part to the film :)

Al said...

Yes, I think it is Elinor. Sure doesn't look like Mor'du.