Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave Finally in Theaters!

After months, for some even years, of counting down the days, Pixar's thirteenth animated feature film, Brave, has arrived in theaters!

Brave is quite an exciting film for the animation studio, as it marks the first time in Pixar history that a female protagonist leads the film, and it is also the studio's first fairy tale. But this isn't just your regular Disney-type fairy tale. This is a fairy tale done Pixar style.

Pixar's latest is now out, and I highly recommend going to see Brave this weekend, or if not, then sometime during its run in theaters! It seems like another lovely film worthy of the Pixar name.

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Hannah said...

Brave was a WONDERFUL movie! It exceeded my expectations (and they were very high). I hope to go see it again!

Hannah said...

Did you find the Pizza Planet truck in the movie? I had completly forgotten about it!!

Al said...

I was so caught up in the movie that I completely forgot to look for all the Easter eggs!

Sam Nuy said...

I heard that the old witch was carving it. I don't know but it was a great movie!

Hannah said...

Me too!! I did not blink through the whole thing! :)