Monday, June 11, 2012

Bundle of Fantastic Brave TV Spots

With only eleven days to go until Brave debuts in theaters, it seems that we get more TV spots for the film with every second. Check out these six new ads that show how prominent action and humor will be throughout Pixar's new feature film.

Also, there was another TV spot released, called "Mother and Father", but this one particularly grabbed me. Not only does it include one of the first reviews for the film, but it is just absolutely beautiful. Watch and see what I mean.

This is, to me, the best TV spot we've seen yet for the film, as it shows just how deep and sentimental the story of the film is. I think the themes in Brave will truly touch the hearts of many, just as many Pixar films in the past have done (Up and Toy Story 3 come to mind). Expect to see a few people tearing up in the theater during Brave. And don't forget to bring some tissues along in case you get teary yourself.

Just 11 more days!!

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