Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boo! 'Toy Story of Terror' Coming to TV in 2013!

A work-in-progress logo for the upcoming Toy Story television special

Back in June, we were told that two new Toy Story TV specials (along with three Toy Story Toons) were being worked on at Pixar, but not much details were given on the projects. So far, we've gotten the fantastic short Partysaurus Rex, but we have yet to find out what the other two Toons will be and when they will be released. What about the specials? Well...

Animation World Network dropped the news yesterday that the first of the two television specials, scheduled for October of next year, would be, of course, a Halloween special featuring the beloved characters from the franchise. The special is entitled Toy Story of Terror! and will involve the toys going on a road trip that soon goes awry, leading to a catastrophic turn of events following the disappearance of one of the toys.

It sure sounds like it will be a ton of fun, and what's great is that it will be a whole lot longer than a regular short, so there is plenty of room for almost any clever idea that the minds at Pixar can dream up.

The special will probably air on either the Disney Channel or on ABC; or both. It may even be posted online soon afterwards, who knows. Maybe it could also eventually get a home video release, like some of DreamWorks' television specials have gotten in the past.

The only bad thing: we'll have to patiently wait until next Halloween to see Toy Story of Terror!

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