Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Mystery Pixar Film Due In 2015

A short while ago, the Walt Disney Studios unveiled their upcoming release schedule, which included not only some approaching entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also an all-new project from Pixar - but is it really all-new?

The press release didn't give any title for this upcoming Pixar feature; it simply stated that a new untitled animated film from Pixar is scheduled for release on November 25th, 2015. If this release date actually remains untouched until 2015, then it mark the first ever year in which the studio releases two new movies. Of course, this was originally supposed to happen in 2011, but has been postponed over and over again each year. Only time will tell whether 2015 will be the year or not.

While this new project is now set for late 2015, Lee Unkrich's new Día de los Muertos film, however, still has not been given a release date - unless, of course, that this "new" film is in fact Lee's film. After all, Día de los Muertos takes place at just about the same time as Halloween, so November 25 wouldn't be that far away from the holiday itself.

So whether this is the new Lee film or a brand-new one, we can't be sure yet, but hopefully Disney and Pixar will clear it up for us real soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed, because I don't know about you, but this is going to be bugging me until I know for sure.

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Merida Dun'Broch said...

Hmmm...possibilities: the implied Toy Story 4, the rumored The Incredibles 2, a new movie, a release date change for the Mexican movie, or 1906. Lots of possibilities....