Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monsters University Teaser Posters Hit Web!

The faces of millions of Pixar fanatics lit up like Christmas trees yesterday when the first teaser posters for the upcoming Monsters University showed up.

Above is the domestic teaser poster, a simplistic yet wonderful poster which, as A113Animation points out, "harkens back to the poster for the 2001 original". Below you can take a look at the equally marvelous international poster, which gives us a nice sneak peek at Mike and Sulley's dorm room at MU, as well as their rough, competitive relationship with each other as rivals.

Pixar always puts millions of little details into everything they do, and these posters are no exception. Look no further than the textbooks Mike is standing on for evidence of this, and if you look closely on the international poster, you'll see that the time on the alarm clock is 1:13 AM...

Monsters University, the anticipated prequel to Pixar's hit comedy Monsters, Inc. hits theaters in 202 days, but in the meantime, you can catch the original film in theaters (this time in 3D, of course) later on this month!

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