Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pete Docter 'Mind' Film Gets Title - Unconfirmed

Pixar has announced so many upcoming projects lately that I'm starting to lose track of how many films they have in store for us. However, out of all their upcoming projects, Pete Docter's film that delves into the world of the human mind intrigues me the most. The film is yet to be given a title, but Bleeding Cool reports that the film is in fact called The Inside Out.

Bredon Connelly writes:

"We've now heard that the film is on the verge of getting an official title and that title is almost certainly going to be 'The Inside Out'. That title hasn't yet been cleared, but it's the one Pixar wants. Barring any problems with getting the name okayed, we can probably expect it to be announced soon." 

Following Pixar's tradition of giving their films simple yet powerful titles, this title really excites me and makes me even more eager to find out more about this film. There are endless possibilities when crafting a movie about the human mind, even more so than there are when crafting one about monsters, I'd say. This is likely both a blessing and a curse for Docter and the Pixar crew; if the sky is the limit, where do you begin?

Hopefully Pixar decides to stick with this title, I quite like it. Look forward to an official announcement from the studio!

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Hannah said...

I love the title. Sounds like this is going to be another brilliant movie!