Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jon Brion To Score 'The Blue Umbrella'

After sitting down to chat with director Saschka Unseld, Indiewire has confirmed that composer Jon Brion, who recently did the music for last year's ParaNorman, will be scoring Pixar's latest short film, The Blue Umbrella.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing what Brion has to offer, and that tiny bit of score we got in the 30-second clip released a few weeks ago sounded really promising.

On why they selected Jon Brion to score the short, Saschka Unseld said:

“He has this ability in creating these really catchy short melodies that stay with you. And that was something that we really needed for the short.”

The Blue Umbrella looks all set to become a huge critically-acclaimed hit. Speaking of critically-acclaimed shorts, Walt Disney Animation Studios uploaded onto YouTube yesterday their brilliant 2012 short film Paperman, which played in theaters back in November with the studio's equally amazing feature film Wreck-It Ralph. If you haven't already seen Paperman, you don't know what you're missing. Disney have proven with both this and Ralph that they are capable of creating masterpieces like those of Pixar. Watch and you will not be disappointed. Kudos to director John Kahrs and the entire crew at Disney Animation - Walt would be proud.


Hannah said...

Super excited to see the new Umbrella short. Seems so cute! Paperman was brilliant. Paperman and Wreck it Ralph show that Disney's still got what it takes to create good quality entertainment. :)

minjeong Kim said...

I just saw Paperman yesterday. wooow.. That really cheer me up to studying animation again . Disney always has been making me like that.