Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More 'Monsters University' Promo Images

Nope, still no stinkin' trailer. But for now, have a look at these two new promo images for Monsters University that were dropped on Instagram a few days ago.

The first (seen above) gives us a brief look at a small portion of the Monsters U campus. Just from this tiny image you can already get a taste of all the detail Pixar put into creating a believable university - for monsters, mind you. We're sure to find tons of clever monster-ized things here and there in the film, much like in the original film.

The second image is a piece of Chinese promotional art, which focuses on the huge contrast there is between Mike and Sulley. Mike is evidently the more studious of the two, while Sulley seems a heck of a lot more laid back. Heaven knows how these two polar opposites eventually became the best of friends and lifelong partners - but you can find out June 21 when Monsters University hits theaters!

(Thanks Pixar Post)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Please release a trailer soon, Pixar!

Anonymous said...

Does Pixar actually allow tours? I'm a little confused on this...some people say they've went (like you...lucky!) but the website says they don't allow tours! What's the deal?

Al said...


To a certain degree, what it says on the website is true. The studio does not offer tours to the general public, but some lucky journalists and bloggers (such as yours truly) are sometimes invited for tours. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll have to convince my mom to let me have a blog. Thanks! Loooove this blog!