Friday, May 24, 2013

Introducing "The Luxo Limelight" [UPDATE]

After more than 26 years of producing some of the finest animated films of our time, Pixar Animation Studios have created something of a fanbase for themselves. The studio has enthusiasts scattered all across the globe, and I think that is something worth bringing into focus.

Next Friday, May 31, a new weekly column entitled "The Luxo Limelight" will debut here at Pixar Corner. The column is intended to give you a closer look at some of Pixar's most devoted admirers from all over the world and learn just why they all adore the studio the way they do, as well as how the talented folks in Emeryville inspire them. A different Pixar buff will be showcased each Friday.

We're looking for as many fans as possible from every inch of the planet, so if you consider yourself a die-hard Pixar aficionado, please email me at and the Luxo Limelight may next be shone upon you.

Check back next Friday for the first of the series. You're in for a treat!

Update 5/26/2013, 12:46 AM (Pacific Time): For more details regarding "The Luxo Limelight", please visit this page.

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