Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pixar Gives First Glimpse at 'Toy Story of Terror'

Everyone loves Toy Story - it's human nature. Even after an incredibly satisfying finale to the trilogy, we were left hungry for more of our favorite plastic pals. Fortunately, our demands to see more of Woody, Buzz and co. were not ignored, and soon after Toy Story 3, Pixar released the first in a series of short films featuring the beloved characters, and have since made a total of three phenomenal Toy Story Toons, with more on the way. You'll be excited to hear that the studio is also now going beyond your standard 6-minute short film...

In October came the announcement that Pixar is currently hard at work on an all new Toy Story half-hour Halloween television special, entitled Toy Story of Terror!, set to air on ABC this October. That was about all that was said back then, but today the studio unveiled a still image from the upcoming short featuring a petrified Woody, Buzz, and Jessie, and we have also received some new details regarding the plot of the special.

The Pixar Times reports that Toy Story of Terror! will focus on everyone's favorite yodeling cowgirl, Jessie. Angus MacLane (BURN-E, Small Fry) will be directing, and claims the special will pay homage to classic horror films including Psycho, Alien, and Predator, and I'd expect a nod to The Shining in there as well, given Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich's passionate love for that film. We'll also learn more about the toys' new-found life with young owner Bonnie, and fans of the original film will be excited to hear that poor old Combat Carl, blown up by the maniacal Sid in Toy Story (1995), will make an appearance as well, voiced by the one and only Carl Weathers (Rocky, Predator).

No fixed date has been announced yet, but expect to see Toy Story of Terror! air on ABC this October, just in time for Halloween!

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