Monday, July 15, 2013

Pre-Order Monsters University on Blu-ray

While Mike and Sulley are currently still busy pleasing audiences across the globe in theaters, Monsters University is already available for pre-order for those eager to get their hands all over a home video copy of the movie to enjoy in the warmth of their homes.

It looks like two different Blu-ray packs will be released for MU, as was the case last year with Brave. One will be a standard 2-disc "Collector's Edition" that will include both Blu-ray and DVD copies of the film, and the second will be the 4-disc "Ultimate Collector's Edition", which will come with three versions of the movie: Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD - and of course, the usual bonus disc that Pixar always treats its fans to, stacked to the brim with delightful bonus features. At first glance it seems as if Disney has trimmed off the Digital Copy from this release, but fear not, you'll still be able to enjoy Monsters U on your mobile device, the only difference from previous titles is that now you'll have to download your film from the web as opposed to from an extra disc.

The sad news is that Disney seems to be playing the same mean old trick on us that they did with Cars 2 - fans looking to get all the juicy bonus features will have to purchase the more expensive, 3D-inclusive Ultimate Collector's Edition of the film, as that precious extra disc will be absent from the standard, 3D-less Collector's Edition.

Regardless of that annoying fact, you'll still want to own Monsters University and add it to your collection! Pre-order now, or you know, you can always just patiently wait until it comes out and buy the movie in-store, it doesn't make that much of a difference.

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