Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'The Blue Umbrella' Is a Mind Blower

My (delayed) review of Monsters University should be up tomorrow, but before I go on to that, let me briefly share my thoughts on the latest short film that the animation powerhouse known as Pixar has to offer.

The Blue Umbrella is pure delight. Despite having essentially the same basic storyline as Disney Animation's equally astounding Paperman, the way this short executes that story is really quite creative and original. And don't even get me started on the whole visual aspect of the short - it's just, yeesh, beyond words. With all the clever inventiveness you'd expect from a Pixar short, plenty of eye candy to gawk at, and an unbelievably catchy soundtrack, The Blue Umbrella is another charming addition to the studio's flawless library of short films. I look forward to the day when director Saschka Unseld helms his own feature-length film at the studio.