Sunday, February 22, 2015

First Look at 'The Art of Inside Out'

During the making of every Pixar film, artists at the studio create hundreds and hundreds of pieces of artwork, many of which are never seen by the public. The good news is that for every Pixar film comes a whole book dedicated entirely to the artwork that went into the creation of the film, so that we, the fans, can enjoy it.

The cover artwork for The Art of Inside Out has been revealed via Amazon , where the book is now available for pre-order. This may very well be the book's finalized cover, but keep in mind that Pixar art books often bear temporary placeholder covers when they first show up online.

The official description for the book:

"The Art of Inside Out provides an exclusive look into the artistic exploration that went into the making of this vibrant film. Featuring concept art—including sketches, collages, color scripts, and much more—and opening with a foreword by actress Amy Poehler and introduction by the film’s writer and director Pete Docter, this is the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience of the making of this landmark film."

Set inside the vast world of the human mind, Inside Out promises to be one of Pixar's most inventive and out-there films yet. The film's 176-page art book will be a thing to marvel at, no doubt.

The Art of Inside Out arrives May 26, just in time for the movie's release!

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