Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Limelight Will Shine Again...

If you've been a reader for long enough, you may remember the column I started up back in 2013, the Luxo Limelight. Its purpose was to seek out Pixar superfans from around the world and get them to tell their story. Why do they like Pixar so much? How does the studio inspire them? At its conception, the Luxo Limelight was intended to be a weekly column, but unfortunately that didn't quite work out. I published a total of ten issues, and after that it sort of quietly died out.

Never fear, for I have devised a new strategy that should allow the Luxo Limelight to operate more consistently, and the column should be back up and running sometime this spring. Here's how things will work from now on:

As of right now, anyone interested in partaking in the column can shoot me an email at, simply stating they would like to be featured on an issue of the Luxo Limelight. A reminder that participants may choose one of two options; an interview-style article, where I provide the questions and the participant emails me his or her responses, or an original composition explaining how they first came to love Pixar, why they enjoy its films so much, and so forth. To keep things fresh, this "second season", if you will, of the Luxo Limelight will feature a series of new questions not seen in the previous ten issues for the interview option, though some of the essentials will remain.

Once I have been contacted by ten people and have been provided with each of their responses, I will begin publishing an issue of Luxo Limelight on a weekly basis. Once the ten issues have been published, the column will take a brief break until I can get ahold of another ten participants, at which point the aforementioned process will be repeated. Keep in mind you may email me whenever you like, you do not have to wait until the ten issues are up.

If you would like to participate in the Luxo Limelight and/or have any further questions or suggestions, please contact me at and visit this page for more information. If you know of anyone who loves Pixar and would like to be featured on this column, please share this post with them!

I look forward to bringing you the Luxo Limelight again very soon.


Dan the Pixar Fan said...

Looking forward to this again! That was fun for me to do and look forwards to the thoughts of other Pixar fans :)

Paul P. said...

I hope lots of people join in. This is an incredibly great idea and series! Can't wait for it to start again.