Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Heavy Metal Mater" Set to Premiere Tomorrow!

Heavy Metal Mater, the latest installment in the Cars Toon saga is set to premiere tomorrow on Disney Channel. This is the newest Cars Toon yet after Monster Truck Mater, and will surely be just as funny! Here is a full synopsis:

Mater is a rock star in a heavy metal band. He starts out in a garage band and rises to the top with his hit song, "Dad Gum." Lightning McQueen joins him on stage in the middle of a huge concert and they rock into history!

Looks like another awesome Cars Toon to me! Look forward to even more great Cars Toons very soon, including Moon Mater and Mater Private Eye on the upcoming Cars Toons DVD and Blu-Ray! You can also expect to find Heavy Metal Mater on the new Cars Toons Blu-Ray/DVD.

Are you excited for Heavy Metal Mater? Are you looking forward to some new Cars Toons?

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