Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cars 2 Extravaganza: Trailers

And the wait to Pixar's Cars 2 continues! As promised, an all-new full-length trailer for the film has just been released, along with an all new UK trailer. These two feature parts of the TV spot we were introduced to before, but also a load of never-before-seen footage! These trailers make you want to see the movie, and highlight some of the action-packed elements of the upcoming film. Why won’t June 24 come faster??

Below is the domestic trailer…a must-watch!!

Below is the UK trailer, with footage not seen in the domestic one. Also a must-watch!

Cars 2 is ought to be the most action-packed Pixar film yet! So much drama…so many explosions….all in one amazing, spectacular, mind-blowing spy movie!! ‘Spy it only in theaters’ on June 24!

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