Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Official 'Art of Cars 2' Cover

A few months ago, The Art of Cars 2 appeared on Amazon for pre-order, with temporary cover art. Yesterday, the official cover for the upcoming book was released, and I must say, it looks AWESOME! I already own The Art of Up and The Art of Toy Story 3, so I will definitely be getting this one! If you are not familiar with these 'Art of...' books, they are basically summaries on how a specific Pixar film was made, what research had to be done to make it, and of course, the books include tons of wonderful artwork by the talented artists at Pixar. I highly recommend these books, as they are very interesting to read, and tell you how a Pixar film is made, from start to finish.

The Art of Cars 2, hardcover and 160 pages long, will be written by Ben Queen (with Karen Paik), with a foreword by director John Lasseter. You can pre-order it on Chronicle Books or Amazon.

Do you read the 'Art of...' books? Will you be getting The Art of Cars 2?

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