Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Visit to Pixar: Across the Street

On Park Avenue, the street on which the Pixar Studios are located, there are several lucky buildings that are just a few steps away from the giant animation studio. Some of these nice structures and organizations around Pixar include a city hall, an animation school, and a restaurant where many Pixarians go and eat lunch. I took the time to take some pictures of many of these places, to give you a taste of the environment that surrounds Pixar.

Brooklyn is hidden by an army of trees on Park Avenue.

The fence that separates the rest of the world from the Pixar grounds.

The Can't Fail Cafe, best known for its fine burgers. At lunchtime, you can catch a glimpse of several Pixar employees coming over here to grab a bite!

Near this building, I'm pretty sure a new animation school recently opened across the street from Pixar. Some students might find that they might actually someday work just footsteps away from where they learned animation. As you can see, bricks seem to be very popular in Emeryville.

Emeryville City Offices sits proudly in front of Pixar's Brooklyn building, and to the right of the Can't Fail Cafe.

A lovely, modern looking building stands next to Emeryville City Offices, surrounded by tall palm trees.

The lovely street of Park Avenue.

I saw a lot more of Emeryville other than Pixar and Park Avenue that day, and it was a delightful city to visit. All the buildings were beautiful, and many of them were made of brightly colored bricks, much like Pixar itself. Emeryville was also a nice place for shopping; I visited a lovely bookstore, the Apple store, Target, and even Toys R Us. But of course, the best shopping spot I visited on May 13th was the one and only Pixar Studio Store! Check back soon to read about some of the Pixar goodies I was fortunate enough to obtain during my visit!

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Hannah said...

I can't wait to visit Pixar someday!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your visit!!!