Friday, July 1, 2011

Will We See a Toy Story 4?

Last year, Pixar's beloved Toy Story series ended with Toy Story 3, and the studio did an excellent job ending the saga, and is probably one of the best endings to a film series ever! However, Tom Hanks, voice of Woody, recently stated in an interview that there is currently a fourth installment in the works. The exact words he used when asked if there would be a TS4 were:

"I think there will be, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think they're working on it now."

This on one hand, could be some pretty bad news, but in another hand, could be very awesome news! I really don't think that another Toy Story is necessary at all, since they ended it so perfectly with '3', plus they're doing the 'Toons' to keep the characters alive, but whatever Pixar decides to do, I'm cool with it. After all, if they are doing a '4', they must've come up with a really really wicked idea that MUST be told. Pixar has even stated that they will only make sequels if they have a story that's worth telling.

I'm not too sure why Tom said they are working on a Toy Story 4, but there are a lot of reasons why he might've said it. He could've been joking, he could've been expressing his desire for a fourth film, or he might have just gotten mixed up with upcoming Toy Story Toons.

Only time will tell if we will see the toys in another feature film sometime in the future. For now, if you want more of Woody and Buzz, catch Hawaiian Vacation, now in theaters with Cars 2, and the next Toy Story Toon arrives in theaters this November alongside Disney's The Muppets.


Hannah (15 years old) said...

I read on another blog that Tom Hanks had Toy Story toons on his mind, maybe that's what he was talking about. :) I also want to say that I too am dreaming about getting a job at Pixar. I'm glad I found this blog because I can relate to you, and it keeps me up to date on all of the Pixar news! I also wish to visit Pixar someday! Thanks for creating this blog and I hope you're able to reply. ;)

Al said...


I too think that he probably meant the Toy Story Toons. Also, thank you for appreciating Pixar Corner and for taking the time to comment. Only a handful of people comment to let me know what they think. I'm glad that I can keep you informed on Pixar, and I hope you someday get to work there.