Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall has arrived at Pixar Corner!

Fall has just begun, and to celebrate, we have an all new seasonal alteration of the Pixar Corner logo! This amazing new logo was, once again, generously created by Paul Robin. As you can see, it's the same concept as the original logo, but with a few special modifications to make it feel like autumn has really arrived.

The biggest difference is probably that the classic Luxo ball has been replaced with a pumpkin, and not just any pumpkin...a pumpkin with Mike Wazowski's face carved into it! After all, what better way to represent Pixar and fall than with a Mike Wazowski Jack O' Lantern? Also, you probably noticed the change in colours in the background, to give it that autumn feeling.

I hope you all enjoy the Fall 2011 Edition of the Pixar Corner logo, and most of all, I hope you all have a wonderful fall! We also have a couple of Pixar events happening this season, like the release of the latest Toy Story Toon, Small Fry on November 23, and the arrival of Cars 2 on home video on November 2! So keep coming back here to Pixar Corner, because there's a lot of Pixar news and excitement coming this fall!

Special thanks to Paul for creating another masterpiece for Pixar Corner! Be sure to check out his blog, "The Adventures of Paul Robin"!

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