Friday, September 23, 2011

Paul Robin's "Toy Story - Halloween" Adventure!

The autumn season has just arrived, and Halloween is fast approaching, so many people are already out there hunting for the perfect costume to wear this season. Paul Robin, designer of the Pixar Corner logo which this blog proudly wears, and his friend Timmy Worm have already got their costumes picked out!

On his blog, Paul recently posted this phenomenal piece of art of Paul and Timmy dressed up as Buzz and Woody for Halloween. Read his post here.

A months ago I myself requested that Paul and Timmy dress up as Woody and Buzz, and so Paul went right ahead and created this fabulous piece of art. On his blog, Paul encourages all his readers to share their ideas for a "Paul Robin Adventure" so that he can bring these ideas to life! Visit Paul's blog here, and see if you can come up with anything that will put this talented artist to work!

I really encourage you to visit Paul Robin's blog; you have seen what a great artist he is, and you can serve as fuel to help him share even more masterpieces.

The Adventures of Paul Robin have just begun! Share your creative ideas for an adventure and he'll bring them to life, just like he did with mine!

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