Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lee Unkrich Begins Work on New Pixar Film!

Yup, you read the heading right. The Academy Award-winning director of Toy Story 3, or as we like to call him, Lee Unkrich, has just started working as director on a brand-new film at Pixar this week!

On Thursday night, he tweeted: Tomorrow is a big day that may determine the next four years of my life. Wish me luck.

The next day, he tweeted that on Monday he would "get started on a new movie". However, this intriguing tweet has mysteriously disappeared from Twitter...

Lee did an astonishing job in finishing off the beloved Toy Story saga, and even won an Academy Award for his work, so expect this new film, whatever it may be about, to be just as fantastic as TS3.

Lee has also started a blog on Tumblr, where fans will get the chance to follow his journey through the making of the film, although don't expect him to come right out and say what his new film is about. Keep in mind how secretive Pixar is when it comes to their films that are still a few years away. We only found out what the "Unknown Pete Docter Project" was until just recently, remember? So I guess for now we'll just have to refer to Lee's new Pixar movie as the "Unknown Lee Unkrich Project".

Also keep in mind that Lee has just started working on this film, so it'll probably be a while until we see it up on the big screen, or before we even find out what it's about. Expect it to arrive sometime around 2015 or 2016 at the least.

So even though we'll all be slightly older by the time we get to experience another Lee Unkrich-directed adventure, at least we can say, "Hey, did you hear? Lee's cooking up another masterpiece for us at Pixar."

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Mike Nuy said...

WOW! Another one! Maybe he is referring to Toy Story 4