Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Even More Images from 'Small Fry'

The Muppets and Small Fry hit theaters tomorrow (I'm so excited), and to celebrate, we have two more images to add to our gallery of Small Fry stills!

This first one, as you can see, shows Mini Buzz excitedly looking out into the outside world from his display case. Joining him in this pic is a miniature version of the Evil Emperor Zurg, Buzz Lightyear's arch nemesis.

In the still seen below, Mini Buzz, never missing a chance to cause mischief, has climbed on top of Rex's head. How will Bonnie's toys get rid of this pest?

The more clips, trailers, and TV spots I watch for The Muppets, the more I want to see it. Be sure to check out this 'Muppetational' TV spot for the new film, and don't miss the little bit of Small Fry footage at the end! And look for the hidden Cars 2 poster at the 4 second mark in the video. The Muppets sure do love Pixar!

The Muppets and Mini Buzz will arrive in theaters tomorrow!

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Sporeboy100 said...

I think they filmed the posters in because at the time, during shooting, Cars 2 was either getting the home video releases or the cinema release