Friday, November 25, 2011

Pixar Website Updated with 'Small Fry'

Pixar's official website has recently been updated with a file on the latest short film to come out of the studio, Small Fry.

Click on the 'Short Films' heading and you'll be taken to a gallery of all of Pixar's shorts, and at the top you will see the same image seen above. Clicking on the image will take you to a short page with the film's plot.

I also just found out that Small Fry was the second project to be animated at the Pixar Canada studio, the first one having been Air Mater. I wonder what else they are cooking up for us right now...

I really like this new promotional image for the short. I just love the concept of Mini Buzz looking up at the actual Buzz (whose only visible body parts are his legs). Again, we have pure genius coming from Pixar, as always.

Small Fry is playing in theaters now with Disney's The Muppets! Don't miss it!

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