Monday, November 14, 2011

New 'Brave' Stills Released; Trailer Debuts Tomorrow

Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) in Disney-Pixar's "BRAVE"

There hasn't been much Brave related news in a while, so I leaped with joy when I saw the three all-new images from the newest Pixar film today.

Not only that, but the newest trailer for the fantasy film will be released on the web tomorrow!! Now we don't even have to wait for The Muppets to arrive in theaters (although I probably will still be watching it anyway).

The picture seen at the top features Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), the protagonist of the film, encountering one of those mysterious blue, glowing, levitating things seen in the teaser trailer and the poster. Another shows Lord MacGuffin (voiced by Kevin McKidd), Lord Dingwall (voiced by Robbie Coltrane), and Lord Macintosh (voiced by Craig Ferguson), standing with pride amongst a crowd, staring at who-knows-what. Lastly, this other still has the entire family of Queen Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson), King Fergus (Billy Connolly), Merida (sitting quite unhappily dressed in royal garments) and the Royal Triplets (Harris, Hubert, and Hamish).

By the looks of these pictures, Brave will be as amazing as it sounds. It seems all ancient and traditional, but it seems hard to find the relation between previous Pixar films and it, and yet, I get the sense that it will have all the elements that fans have grown to love about the studio's films; the stupendous characters, the breathtaking animation, the hysterical humour, and most importantly, the touching, moving emotion.

Look forward to a fantastic new trailer tomorrow! Brave hits theaters June 22nd, 2012!

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