Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amazing New 'Brave' Featurette, Stills, More

This week is starting off to be an exciting one. Yesterday, three all-new stills from the upcoming Brave popped up online, followed by a fantastic featurette which arrived this morning. Also, you may have noticed the poster seen above, and if it seems slightly familiar, it's because it is the same Japanese poster which was revealed a few weeks ago, except this is the new English version of it.

Check out the awesome new stills here:

Dawn of a battle...

The mischievous triplets, up to no good as usual...

Something bad seems to have happened...

Pixar also recently posted some pics that briefly describe the process in which Pixar makes their films. They have a photograph from one of their research trips to Scotland first, followed by some concept art inspired by this photo, and finally the finished shot from the final film. We saw something similar last year when they posted the 'Pixar Process' featuring Cars 2.

I also found some neat concept art from the film on Yahoo.
Our heroine Merida

Various sketches of Merida's beloved horse, Angus

And finally, we have what is probably the most exciting element in this post. This brand-new featurette, entitled "Brave Stories: Merida" focuses on the protagonist of the film, and has a nice narration by Merida herself as she explains the plot of the film from her perspective. This, I am guessing, is the first of many "Brave Stories", and I expect we'll soon be seeing some other ones that give us an insight into some of the other characters' points of view. There's also bits of fresh new footage here and there in the new video, which makes it all the more exciting to watch.

The anticipation just keeps building, and pretty soon I won't be able to handle the anxiousness that is accumulating inside of me. Why can't June 22 come faster?

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