Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watch Remarkable New Brave Trailer

Yesterday morning, we were treated to the fourth and final trailer for Pixar's Brave, and in my opinion, it is the best one for the film yet. It might even be one of the best trailers for any Pixar film ever. Watch for yourself to see what you think.

The new trailer does an excellent job highlighting the thrilling action, hilarious comedy, and heartwarming emotion of the film. I have stated this before, but it looks like these three elements that make a film so enjoyable will definitely be present in Brave.

I love the part when Fergus mimicks Merida; the funniest thing I've seen from the film so far in the trailers. That last shot of the viscious beast Mor'du clawing at Merida as she jumps reaching for who I believe to be Elinor in bear-form is quite dramatic, too.  And the last few seconds (with the same song we heard in the first TV spot) warms my heart. I almost cried during this trailer, which pretty much confirms that I'll be a wreck when I watch the actual movie in June. Pixar is cooking up yet another tear-jerker for us...

Only a little less than a month to go!

What did you think of the new trailer? Was it better or worse than the previous ones? How excited are you to see the film?

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Hannah said...

When I watched the trailer the day it came out I was in absolute awe of 1. the animation (BEAUTIFUL!) 2. emotion (my eyes were a little wet) and 3. Hilarity (I also love King Fergus mimicking Merida, My Dad even cracked up). I have to say my favorite part was the ending when Merida was reaching for the bear, it was a perfect ending to the trailer and it leaves you wanting more! I also had no idea there were TWO BEARS!! :O Pixar has another classic on their hands :)