Thursday, April 5, 2012

New 'Brave' Character Posters, New Plot Details

Entertainment Weekly debuted on Monday some pretty neat posters for the upcoming film Brave, each highlighting different characters from the new movie. My favorite is definately the one with the triplets. You?

The posters were posted along with an interview with Brave director Mark Andrews, who spilled the beans on some minor plot details that remained unknown until the article was published.

Mr. Andrews tells us that one of the main aspects of the film will be "looking inside yourself and coming to grips with who exactly you are". The film will have a particularly "darker" and "creepier" tone than previous Pixar films, but will continue to have all those elements that make a Pixar film a Pixar film. I'm excited to see how the studio will capture a feeling of eeriness, yet not go extremely horrific.

We also learn that the film will contain a peek into the past, when Merida was younger; a flash-back.
While the film is not a musical, King Fergus will sing a song about "his trials and tribulations with the great demon bear Mor'du". The kingdom which Fergus and his wife Elinor govern is apparently called DunBroch. Lastly, Mark Andrews tell us that Merida's younger triplet brothers, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish, will not have any actual spoken dialouge in the film, they just "giggle and laugh — that’s it". Of course, Pixar has proven to us that they can make incredibly strong and developed characters, even without using dialouge. Remember WALL-E?

Don't forget to read the full interview!

Only 78 days to go until Brave debuts in theaters for the first time, so get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure on June 22!

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