Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monsters, Inc. 3D: First Trailer

Just a couple of days after the first one-sheet for Monsters, Inc. 3D arrived, the very first trailer for the upcoming re-release has hit the web. Check it out below.

While I must admit that I am a tad more excited about Finding Nemo's 3D re-release than I am for this (Nemo is more of a 3D kind of movie, in my opinion), I will no doubt go see the Pixar classic in theaters once again this December. I was two years old when it originally hit theaters in 2001, hence I don't remember it very well, so this is a wonderful opportunity to relive the experience of watching the film I know and love on the big screen, this time in fabulous 3D. Plus, it also serves as good preparation for the prequel, which will premiere just six months after MI 3D. And the door chase sequence in the film will without a doubt look stunning in the third dimension.

Look for Monsters, Inc. 3D in theaters December 19 (or January 18, 2013 if you're in the UK)!

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