Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet 'Partysaurus Rex' Poster!

Pixar's new short, Partysaurus Rex (the latest and probably wildest of the Toy Story Toons) is now playing in theaters before Finding Nemo 3D, and if you haven't already, I highly suggest you go check it out, because not only is it insanely fun, but it looks spectacular in 3D.

This colorful and vibrant poster for the short was released online this week. Mark Walsh, the director of the short also posted it onto Twitter. It does an excellent job of capturing the wackiness and craziness of the short film. It's a very creative poster, and even has a teeny Easter egg in the text at the bottom. Emeryville, as you may have heard, is the town in which Pixar's main campus is located. You can also the the Pixar Canada logo there at the bottom.

I'll have my reviews for both Partysaurus Rex and Finding Nemo 3D up soon, but for now, go check out both in theaters!

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