Sunday, September 9, 2012

Must Watch: Paths to Pixar

Occasionally, when I find myself bored, I visit Pixar's official website (which was recently updated) just for the heck of it, and quite often accidentally end up stumbling upon something that really grabs me.

If you're a fan of the bonus features on Pixar's home video releases, chances are that you've seen one or two episodes from the fantastic "Paths to Pixar" series. Each episode focuses on a different type of occupation at the Pixar studios, and includes interviews with several Pixarians who have that particular job. They explain what they do for a living, and what lead them to what they do at the studio for a living, and also often give you some expert advice. It really is fascinating to hear each individual's story, and you'll also likely pick up some inspiration while listening to these Pixarian's wise words.

You can check out a bunch of "Paths to Pixar" episodes over at Pixar's official website.

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