Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monster Mania!

It's been a crazy week filled to the brim with exciting Monsters University news, which is only two months away! Can you believe it?

Pixar screened an unfinished but full-length cut of their latest feature for attendees at CinemaCon on Wednesday, and so far the response has been quite enthusiastic, which is great because this may mean the end of all this "Pixar is dead" rubbish. Check out some tweets from bloggers who got the chance to see the film:

The studio's famed lucky charm, the very talented John Ratzenberger (who has thus far voiced a character in every single Pixar film), will indeed lend his voice to a character in MU. This year he will not be reprising his role from the original film as the friendly Abominable Snowman, but will be the voice behind "a Monsters, Inc. employee". Look forward to hearing his iconic voice once again this June! (via Entertainment Weekly)

Another beautiful still (above) from the film made its way online this week, and gives us another look at Mike and Sulley's rough rivalry.

The official Monsters University website received a minor update the other day, and now includes a large assortment of colorful downloads featuring the characters from the film, with everything from wallpapers to Twitter headers and more. The site also now includes character bios for Mike, Sulley, and other scary folks.

Lastly, this mischief-filled poster from the UK was posted online a couple of days ago. Heaven knows what other pranks Sulley has got in store for Mike... (via A113Animation)

It's hard to believe the film is so close already. It seems like just yesterday came the announcement that "Monsters, Inc. 2" was in the works, but it's already been three years since we first found out that we'd be seeing our favorite monsters return to the big screen. So just hold on two more months, because Monsters University is almost here.

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