Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pixar Corner: Celebrating Three Years of Blogging

Prepare yourself for the cheesiest blog post this blog has ever seen...

Time flies, and rather quickly I should say. Just a few short years ago I was an eager 11-year-old Pixar fanboy with big dreams, and now fastforward to 2013 and I am 14 and have been blogging about my favorite movie studio in the world for three years now. I've even gotten the miraculous opportunities to visit both of Pixar's facilities in Emeryville, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

These have been an incredible three years, and I've grown to learn that when you put your mind, heart and soul into something, you can achieve wonders. I've met many great people along the way who have encouraged me to continue to do what I love and reach for the stars, and I owe my sincere gratitude to them, as well as to my readers, followers, and fellow bloggers, who are all a delight to interact with. Also a big thanks to Paul Robin for contributing his talents to make this blog much more appealing to the eye with the seasonal logos. And of course, a big thank you to the talented folks at Pixar who never fail to inspire me.

I hope to continue blogging for many, many more years, so I'll finish off with a quote I find quite fitting:

To infinity, and beyond!

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Congrats! I just strted mine a few weeks ago. Please check it out at