Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interview With Pixar's Bob Whitehill

An interesting video interview with Pixarian Bob Whitehill can now be found on Collider. Some cool subjects pop up in the conversation, such as Cars 2 and Brave. Mr. Whitehill mentions an animation test for Brave they have been working on that features the main character of the film, Merida, riding her horse through the woods, and also states that Cars 2 has been a challenge for him. But it's nothing to worry about, since all Pixar movies have their bumps on the road, but they always turn out to be a huge success. Sounds exciting. I can't wait for Cars 2. I can't wait for Brave. But we still haven't heard any plot details about Monsters, Inc. 2. That's what I'm anxious to hear about.

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